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The Hardmoors 110 Sat 6-7th May 2017.

All competitors must have completed a single stage race/challenge event of a minimum of 40 trail miles or if road a minimum of 50 miles to be able to enter the Hardmoors 110. Information provided will be checked up on.

The 2017 race will start at 0800 hrs on Saturday 6th May 2017

All Hardmoors 110 competitors will receive a Tracker (included in the 110 Race Entry)
Trackers will give out competitors locations at any time online. A huge bonus for safety reasons and handy for race crews to detect where their runners are on the route and when to 'brew up' ready for their arrival.

More info here

It is compulsory that all competitors carry the Tracker

Registration for the Hardmoors110 will open from 0600hrs until 0745hrs at the

Unsupported runners

After much consideration, it has been decided to open the Hardmoors 110 to unsupported runners, who will have to meet certain criteria. In particular, they must have completed a minimum of one of the following:

  1. UTMB
  2. Sparthatlon
  3. GUCR
  4. Lakeland 100
  5. WHW
  6. Western States
  7. Other similar events (100 miles plus) might be acceptable - please email for confirmation.

Unsupported runners will have a longer list of compulsory items to carry for their own safety, bag checks will be made at the start and at various other checkpoints along the way.

Race Presentation

Race presentation will be held at Helmsley Sports Club (race finish) on Sunday 7th May at 2030

UTMB qualification points

The 2017 Hardmoors 110 race provides 6 new UTMB qualification points.

How to Enter