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Hardmoors 55 | Information.

The Hardmoors 55 will take place on Saturday 18th March 2017. The Hardmoors 55 also holds 4 new points to UTMB Qualification.



Please note

Added to the Hardmoors 55 Compulsory Kit list is 'A fully charged Mobile Phone' with the RD's number in (supplied on the day) & to be kept switched on at all times.
This is quite obvious, but a couple of years ago an experienced runner went missing and was still missing at 0200hrs (2hours after the race had finished, 6 of us searched the woods for him, we were on the verge of calling mountain rescue and he appeared, he had a mobile phone on him but it was turned off!! You will be asked to show this mobile at the start and at Guisborough.

Race start

The Hardmoors 55 race start and registration will be held at Helmsley Town Hall. Registration opens from 0700 - 0830. Race starts at 0900.

Coaches, which must be booked and paid for in advance (£10), will transport participants to the start at Helmsley leaving Guisborough at 0600 hours.

The Hardmoors 55 finish will be GUISBOROUGH Sea Cadets


The Hardmoors 55 is designed to be run unsupported. Basic food will be provided at some checkpoints. However, if participants wish to have a support team there is no prohibition from doing so. Water will be provided at most checkpoints and hot drinks will be available at a minimum of 2 checkpoints along the way.

Drop bags

Drop bag 1: Osmotherley
Drop bag 2: Kildale

The organisers will distribute 2 drop-bags prepared by the runner and labelled with the appropriate race number along the route at 2 checkpoints. Labelled kitbags will be taken to the finish at Helmsley. Mark each bag (a maximum of 2) with your name, race number, and no 1 for first drop-bag destination and no 2 for second drop-bag destination.

Drop bags are non returnable and should be small, we will not accept anything bigger than a standard size carrier bag, Drop bags are for extra gels food etc or a change of socks.

Race Categories

1st MALE
2nd MALE
3rd MALE
1st LADY
2nd LADY
3rd LADY
1st MALE VET (over 50)
1st LADY VET (over 50)
1st SENIOR VET (over 60)
1st SHIRE (14 stone plus)

How to Enter

Entries Opening August 2015

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