Do I have to carry the mandatory kit?

Yes. The mandatory kit consists of equipment that could potentially save your life. If you are injured and cannot move to keep warm, it is amazing how quickly you cool down and start to get the onset of hypothermia. Therefore, please check the kit requirements carefully and make sure you carry all items. (There is a random check in some races)

Do you ever cancel races due to bad weather?

We endeavour to ensure that our risk assessments cover all eventualities so that a participant is never in danger from bad weather during a race. This means that the participant must take responsibility for their kit : i.e. wear appropriate clothing and carry suitable mandatory kit for safety reasons. We liaise closely with the local Mountain Rescue Teams to gain their expertise and advise and heed their recommentations as to whether a race should be cancelled or curtailed. Following this advise we may cancel but we do this as a last resort.

If I cannot run, can I transfer my place to another runner?

No, transfers to another runner are not possible, neither are transfers to other races

Where can I buy Cleveland Way maps, signs, keyrings, mugs and badges

Here is the link to the Cleveland Way shop: https://shop.nationaltrail.co.uk/collections/cleveland-way

If I had a transfer in a previous year (when they were still permitted), can I get a refund?

No. You can only get a refund within the same year of entering. If you already had a transfer you cannot get a refund for that event.

Can I run with my dog in a Hardmoors race?

We allow dogs to run with you in some races.

Our ARC insurance does not cover incidents caused by dogs.
The dog owner must confirm that they have public liability insurance for their dog. Many household policies provide liability insurance for dogs as do many specific pet insurance policies.

-Dogs must be on a lead using a CaniX regulation waistbelt at all times

- Owners should clean up after their dog

- Runners with a dog must start at the back of the field.

Some of the venues we use do not allow dogs and some of the races are not suitable for dogs, so please email info@hardmoors110.org.uk to ask before booking so as to avoid disappointment

Will I get a refund if a race is cancelled at the last minute due to bad weather?

If a race is cancelled at the last minute we may not be able to give refunds as most expenses will already have been incurred. T shirts, medals, food, race venue, trophies, portable toilets, etc are all paid for in advance. We will, however, do our finances and if possible will give a refund where possible, but this is not guaranteed.

Can my partner/friend run with me?

Yes, but they must not carry any of your equipment for you as this would give you an unfair advantage. Also – they should not run the whole event with you for free!

What is the furthest race distance?

Normally the longest race distance is 160 miles but for a one off 10th anniversary celebration of Hardmoors, there will be a 200-mile race!

What is the shortest distance I can run?

The Hardmoors series has 10ks and in conjunction with the North York Moors Centre at Danby we have a 10k for over 16s and a 5k which you can run if you are over 14

Will there be refreshments at the finish?

Yes – we always provide food of various kinds, ranging from sandwiches and cakes on the marathons, to soup or stew on the ultras

Do you cater for allergies at checkpoints?

Sometimes we have gluten free products but this cannot be guaranteed so if you have any allergies please carry your own food.

Are the races marked?

The marathons/half marathons and 10ks are marked with ribbon, but we cannot 100% guarantee that the ribbon will not be removed so there will be maps and race route descriptions on the website for you to download and print to carry with you. The Ultras are not marked

Will I get a medal or a T shirt?

Yes, both

What prize categories are there?

Male 1st, 2nd and 3rd; Female 1st, 2nd and 3rd;

1st MV 50 (male veteran over 50);

1st FV 50 (female veteran over 50);

1st Over 60 and 1st over 70 depending on entrants

If I am injured can I defer my place in an event

No. We don't do deferrals. You can get a 80% refund up to 4 weeks before the race in question. From 4 weeks to 2 weeks before the race you can receive a refund of 50%. After the race has closed (2 weeks prior to race date) you cannot get a refund as all costs will have been incurred

Can I change from one distance to another in the marathon series?

Yes, but you need to pay the difference if moving up a distance but won’t get a refund if changing down a distance

Can I get a refund after the race entries have closed?

No because all the costs have been incurred already

How long does it take to run 160 miles

It can take around 50 hours; it just feels like 500! πŸ™‚

How do your feet feel after 160 miles?

What feet?? πŸ™‚