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The Hardmoors Race Series

“Sshhh! Don’t tell anyone else just how good all of the always-sold-out Hardmoors races are. The North York Moors are trail-running paradise, and the Hardmoors team and community make every one an unforgettable experience, particularly the 26.2 series.”

“Bringing you the best trail running experience in the UK since 2008”

Anthony Gerundini Single, Double, Triple, Quin & Deca extreme IronMan/EnduroMan/Brutal Champion, and HM30 winner and podium at HM110, 158 x ironman, 100% finisher

Brief race descriptions

The Hardmoors 26.2 is a Trail Marathon Series set in the beautiful North York Moors and the Cleveland Hills. Competitors will have the option of entering either the full Trail Marathon (26.2mi) The Trail Half-Marathon (13.2mi) or the Trail 10k (6.2mi). There are 7 Trail Marathons/Half-Marathons/10k’s in the Race Series throughout the year.

The Hardmoors 15 is a 15 miles-ish loop, including Robin Hoods Bay and Ravenscar.

The Hardmoors 30 is a 30 miles-ish loop around Whitby, including Robin Hoods Bay, Ravenscar, and Cloughton.

The Hardmoors 55 is a 55 mile Ultramarathon running from Guisborough to Helmsley. The 55 mile race will take competitors through the North York Moors and the Cleveland Hills in quite possibly winter conditions. Do not underestimate this race!! There will be options for supported and unsupported runners. The race contains over 2000metres of ascent and has a time limit of 16 hours.

In 2020 the Hardmoors 55 will be ran Guisborough to Helmsley
The Hardmoors 55 holds 3 new points to UTMB qualification.

The Hardmoors 60 is a 60 miles race on the coast from Guisborough to Filey. The route of the 60 mile race follows the second half of the Hardmoors 110, along the beautiful Cleveland Coast, through Saltburn, Runswick Bay, Staithes, Whitby, Robin Hoods Bay, Ravenscar, Scarborough and into the finish location, the seaside resort of Filey. Competitors will have 18 hours to complete the course.
The Hardmoors 60 holds 4 new points to UTMB qualification.

The Hardmoors 110 Ultramarathon follows the dramatic Cleveland Way National Trail encircling the North York Moors and the Cleveland Heritage coastline.
Commencing in the North Yorkshire Market town of Helmsley competitors will have a time limit of 36 hours to complete the 110 mile single stage trail race, passing through the North York Moors and the beautiful Cleveland Hills before following the stunning Cleveland Heritage coastline visiting Saltburn, Runswick Bay, Staithes, Dracula’s Whitby, The old smuggling town of Robin Hoods Bay, Ravenscar and the seaside resort of Scarborough before finishing in Filey.

In 2020 the Hardmoors 110 will be ran Filey to Helmsley
The Hardmoors 110 holds 6 new points to UTMB qualification.

The Hardmoors 160 ‘The Ring Of Steele’ Ultramarathon will start at Sutton Bank and head east across the moors on the Tabular Hills Route to Scarborough to pick up  the Hardmoors 110 route and follow the full 100 miles of the route to the race finish at Helmsley. The Hardmoors 160 as the name suggests will be a 160 mile single stage Ultra with over 7000 metres of ascent. Competitors will have 50hrs to complete the race.

In 2020 the Hardmoors 160 will be ran Sutton Bank-Helmsley-Scarborough to Helmsley
The Hardmoors 160 holds 6 new points to UTMB qualification.