Volunteers for HardmoorsWithout volunteers we could not operate Hardmoors. We welcome help with all aspects of the races and regularly ask on Facebook for assistance. Thankfully, we get lots of response and we are always bowled over by the enthusiasm and generosity of the volunteers. You all play a huge part in helping people to achieve their goals and we are extremely grateful.

You might be injured but wanting to still be involved; a friend, partner or relative of a runner or simply wanting to give something back to the runners who may have marshalled for you in previous races.

Duties you might be asked to cover are:

  • Marking the course – all marathons, half marathons and 10ks are marked with ribbon and this can take many hours to do on the days prior to the events
  • Registration and kit check. Making sure everyone has all the mandatory kit required, marking attendance and then issuing race numbers
  • Car park attendant, sometimes taking payment for the local farmer who is renting us the field
  • Marshalling a checkpoint: helping fill water bottles, recording race numbers, laying out food for runners to eat
  • Front running the course to ensure markings are there
  • Sweeping the race, making sure the last runners are accounted for and collecting the tape (where used)
  • Time keeping, sometimes for 3 concurrent races
  • Giving out medals and T-shirts (and well-earned hugs!)
  • Making endless cups of tea and ensuring people have enough to eat. Most food provided by Jon’s Mum, but sometimes soup or stew needs to be made after an ultra
  • Generally cheering and motivating runners

In return for marshalling, you are “rewarded” with credits to future races.

5 hours marshalling = 1 credit

10 hours marshalling = 2 credits

15 hours marshalling = 3 credits

Entry to a marathon, half marathon or 10k = 1 credit

Entry to Hardmoors 55/60 = 2 credits

Entry to Hardmoors 80/110 = 3 credits

Entry to Hardmoors 160/200 = 4 credits

You can, of course, give your reward to your partner if you love them lots!

If you do decide you would like to give a hand, please use the “contact us” page and we promise, you will have a great day and go home with a real feeling of having helped people. We can’t promise you will go away dry-eyed though! It can be very emotional seeing people achieve their goals and fulfil their dreams!

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