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Roseberry ToppingIn 2017 to mark the 10th year of  the Hardmoors 110, there will be a one off special edition  Hardmoors 200 mile race .  

The Hardmoors 200  Ultramarathon will start in Kingston upon Hull and head alongside the River Humber following the Transpennine Trail to reach the start of the beautiful Wolds Way National Trail close to the Humber Bridge at Hessle

The Hardmoors 200 will then follow the Yorkshire Wolds Way for 79 miles along wooded slopes, over hills and through valleys, eventually descending from the northern escarpment to the final section of the Way finishing on the dramatic headland of Filey Brigg and the start of the stunning Cleveland Way National Trail /Hardmoors 110 route

(HM 200 Competitors will have 24 hours to complete  the first 88 miles)

The Hardmoors 200 will then  follow the full 112 miles of the Hardmoors 110/Cleveland Way Trail along the  stunning Cleveland Heritage coastline visiting the seaside resort of Scarborough, the old smuggling town of Robin Hood’s Bay, Dracula’s Whitby, Staithes, Runswick Bay and Saltburn, before passing through the beautiful Cleveland Hills and the North York Moors before reaching the race finish in the market town of Helmsley.

(HM 200 Competitors will have 36 hrs to complete the 112 miles of the Cleveland Way/Hardmoors 11o)

The Hardmoors 200 as the name suggests will be a 200 mile single stage Ultra

Competitors will have 60 hrs to complete the race.

The Hardmoors 200 will be held on Friday 5th May (0800)  until Sunday 7th May 2017


PLEASE NOTE as well as the challenge of the 200 miles in its entirety, the cut offs will be a huge factor in this race. Completion will be low.

“I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and   succeed.”  Robert H. Schuller

All competitors MUST have a support team (motorised ) Competitors can share support teams.

No exceptions to this rule


Date: 05/05 – 07/05 2017
Entry Limit: 100

£200  (before December 1st 2016)
£220 from Dec 1st 2017
£240 from April 1st 2017
All prices to include compulsory tracker                                                                                                                    plus £1 compulsory donation to the Cleveland Way National Trail

Individual Entry Form  – HARDMOORS 200 2017 entry form

Teams of 5 may run the 200 – HARDMOORS 200 2017 team entry form
Paper Entries close 23rd April 2017

Online entry via Si Entries https://www.sientries.co.uk/event.php?event_id=3068

(Opens 15th October) close 23rd April 2017





Hardmoors 200 2017 Route description



(17) = Total mileage or hours    110 287 = OS Grid Reference


RACE START Queen Victoria Docks V/Hall  110 287  Postcode – HU9 ITL  Start -0800              

Checkpoint 1   Wolds Way Start 028 253  Postcode – HU13 OHE   7.5 miles

Checkpoint 2   Brantingham (nr Church) 943 301 Postcode – HU15 1QN  10 miles (17)

Checkpoint 3   Arras Wold (nr 1079) 925 412  Postcode  – YO43 4RL   10 miles (27)

Checkpoint 4   Millington V/Hall 831 519  Postcode -YO42 1TX  13 miles (40) Cut Off 1900 (11hrs)

Checkpoint 5   Wharram Percy (Carpark) 866 644   17 miles (57)

Checkpoint 6   Wintringham 878 734  Postcode -YO17 8HP  8 miles (65) Cut Off 0100 (17hrs)

Checkpoint 7   Flixton Wold (road) 047 775  14 miles (79)

Checkpoint 8   Filey Brigg (110 Start) 124 816  Postcode – YO14 9ET  9 miles (88) Cut Off 0800 (24hrs)

Checkpoint 9   Scarborough Holbeck Hill C/P* 049 867  Postcode – YO11 2XD  8 miles (96)

Checkpoint 10 Ravenscar V/Hall 981 010  Postcode – YO13 0LZ   12 miles (108) Cut Off 1300 (29hrs)

Checkpoint 11 Robin Hoods Bay carpark 950 054  Postcode – YO22 4RA   4 miles (112)

Checkpoint 12 Sandsend Carpark 860 128  Postcode – Y21 3TG – 10 miles (122)

Checkpoint 13 Runswick Bay (upper carpark) 807 161  Postcode -TS13 5HU   5 miles (127)

Checkpoint 14 Saltburn Carpark 667 216  Postcode – TS12 1HQ  12 miles (139) Cut Off 2300 (39hrs)

Checkpoint 15 Roseberry Topping 578 126  10 miles (149)

Checkpoint 16 Kildale V/Hall 605 093  Postcode – YO21 2RG  5 miles (154) Cut Off 0500 (45hrs)

Checkpoint 17 Bloworth Crossing 617 015  7 miles  (161)

Checkpoint 18 Clay Bank 571 034  4 miles (165)

Checkpoint 19 Lord Stones 526 031  Postcode -TS9 7JH  3 miles (168)

Checkpoint 20 Osmotherley Sq Corner 479 959  Postcode – DL6 3QB  9 miles (177) Cut Off 1300 (53hrs)

Checkpoint 21 White Horse Carpark (Sutton Bank) OS 518 812  13 miles (190) Cut Off 1700 (57hrs)

RACE FINISH Helmsley Sports Club 610 843  Postcode – YO62 5BH 10 miles (200) Cut Off 2000 (60hrs)



Hat and Gloves
Waterproof Jacket 
Minimum of 1 litre water/sports drink to be carried
Spare Batteries
Route Description and/or OS Maps
Survival Bag (bag, not just blanket)
Emergency food supply (chocolate/energy bar)

Mandatory Kit will be checked before, during & after the race. Any items missing =Disqualification 



Registration for the 2017 Hardmoors 200 will open from 0600hrs – 0745hrs  Friday  5th May at 

Victoria Dock Village Hall
South Bridge Road
Victoria Dock
Kingston upon Hull


The 2017 race will start at 0800 hours

RACE START will be outside Victoria Dock Village Hall

Providing all items of the mandatory kit list are checked off, you will receive your race number.


1st MALE
2nd MALE
3rd MALE
1st LADY
2nd LADY
3rd LADY
1st V50 MALE
1st V50 LADY
1st V60
1st SHIRE (14 stone plus)

For Shire category please mention at registration that you are interested in entering this category.
First Finisher wins the Hardmoors 200 Sword 

BLOWORTH CROSSING – Bloworth Crossing Self-clip will be positioned on the Cleveland Way signpost 



This years 110 will follow the Cleveland Way route into Cayton Bay. This point will be marshalled to make sure runners do not take the shortcut down the road



MILLINGTON VILLAGE HALL (40 miles) -1900hrs (time given – 11hrs)                                   

WINTRINGHAM (65 miles) -0100hrs (time given – 17hrs)                                                                              

FILEY BRIGG (88 miles) -0800hrs (time given – 24hrs)                                                                        

RAVENSCAR VILLAGE HALL (108 miles) – 1300hrs (time given – 29hrs)

SALTBURN CARPARK (139 miles) – 2300hrs (time given – 39hrs)

KILDALE VILLAGE HALL (154 miles) – 0500hrs (time given – 45hrs)

OSMOTHERLEY SQUARE CORNER (177 miles) – 1300hrs (time given – 53hrs)                                    

WHITE HORSE CARPARK  (190 miles) – 1700hrs (time given – 57hrs)

HELMSLEY SPORTS CLUB (200 miles) – 2000hrs (time given -60hrs)


BLOWORTH CROSSING self-clip, if missed, will incur a time penalty. The time penalty has now been logged for this self-clip (in case a competitor misses a checkpoint and we issue a a time penalty which either the competitor awarded the penalty or other competitors deem unfair, these have been logged so no prejudice could take place). Various checkpoints, if missed, can result in disqualification.




SANDSEND OS 860 129 YO21 3TG
 TS14 6PX
CLAY BANK OS 571 034


NO SUPPORT CREWS are allowed into Kildale (any breaking of this rule will lead the supports crews runner to be disqualified)
We have the Kildale Village Hall under this condtion. If we break this then we lose Kildale Village hall for all future Hardmoors 55’s/110’s/160’s If you want to see your runner then meet them at the CARPARK BOTTOM OF COCKSHAW HILL OS 592 110


Supporters/spectators are allowed to park in the overflow carpark next to the checkpoint. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS ANYBODY ALLOWED TO PARK ON RAISDALE ROAD (THIS IS A REQUEST FROM THE PARISH COUNCIL)

Below is a link to a map where you MUST NOT park


At Lord stones Country Park there is a café plus shop as well as the outside kiosk.


Close to the Lord Stones checkpoint there are toilets which are the property of Lord Stones Country Park, these are really for Campers and customers of the café. If you must use them please put a donation into the donations box on the side of the building. Please keep them clean.


Marshalls and sweepers have given up their time to help out at this event, some marshalls/sweepers their full weekend. Marshalling/Sweeping is a long tiring job and marshalling an ultra event is, well, ultra long and tiring but in its way very rewarding helping you guys achieve your goals. So if you are feeling a bit grumpy, hide it, be pleasant and thank the marshalls. Yes you are still capable of this after 100 plus miles! Any bad treatment, abusive language etc given to a Marshall will result in that competitor being disqualified from the race.


These can be found on this website, but I would like to bring up to your attention the following.


As ultra runners the majority of us have a great deal of respect for our surroundings. So please live up to our values and do not drop litter and please be quiet while passing through communities at night.

Stick to the race route

As well as the declared checkpoints there will also be several undisclosed checkpoints, if you stick to the route and DO NOT TAKE SHORTCUTS you will stumble across these CPs. If you miss any of these checkpoints then you will be disqualified. REMEMBER YOU WILL BE CARRYING A TRACKER & YOUR ROUTE  WILL BE MONITORED DURING THE RACE, PLUS POSSIBLY AFTER.

Scarborough You must stick to the seafront through Scarborough

Shut all gates

When you pass through a gate YOU MUST CLOSE IT!!


What ever the Marshall/Race control say is final! If at a checkpoint a Marshall or Race Control informs you that you should not continue for whatever reason, THEN YOU DO NOT CONTINUE!! If you arrive at a checkpoint after the checkpoint has closed, then you have timed out and your race is over!


In event of the tide being in at Runswick Bay, you MUST wait with (or near to) the checkpoint marshall, until he allows you to proceed. The marshall’s word is final, if you continue without the marshall’s say, you will be disqualified. The time you have waited for the tide to go out and the path safe to cross, will be recorded and subtracted from your finish time.


Various Checkpoints along the Hardmoors 110/200 route will provide basic food (those checkpoints are listed above) Checkpoint food will be flapjacks and jelly babies etc to complement your own stores. Hot drinks will be available at Millington, Ravenscar Village Hall, Kildale Village Hall  and Square Corner. Also rice pudding, sandwiches etc will be available at  Millington, Kildale and Ravenscar checkpoints.


Karen from Sports Stadium will be providing massages at the race finish for £10 for 15 minutes. Helps you be able to walk the next day, well kind of walk ;o))


The finishers presentation will be held at 2000hrs Sunday at the Race Finish. If you are a Class winner etc, and need to leave early we will present you your Trophy/Award early.


Fri 0600 – Registration

Fri 0745 – Closure of Registration

Fri 0745 – Hardmoors 110 Race brief

Fri 0800 – Race start (200)

Start 0800 – Race start (110) Filey

Sun 0200 – 0500 First few runners arrive at Finish (110)

Sun 1900 – 2000- Final runners arrive at Finish: (110 and 200)

Sun 2000- Official race finish cut off time

Sun 2000 – Race Prize/finishers ceremony



Runners have 60 hours to complete the Hardmoors 200 Race. Starting at Hull and finishing at Helmsley. You must pass through ALL the checkpoints within the stated time limits.
Checks will be made at registration and you will not be permitted to compete without the mandatory items.
Any runner who is (in the opinion of the race directors, marshals or medics) unfit to continue will be withdrawn from the race. THEIR DECISION IS FINAL.
All runners must have motorised back up unless meet the unsupported catagory requirements.
You must log in with the Marshals at each checkpoint.
It is the responsibility of your support team to ensure your safety between checkpoints.
You must notify a race marshal at the first instance if you decide to retire from the race. Once you retire from the race your race number must be surrendered and you will not be allowed to continue.
In event of the tide being in at Runswick Bay, you must wait with the (or near) to the checkpoint marshall, until he allows you to proceed. The Marshalls word is final, if you continue without the Marshalls say, you will be disqualified. The time you have waited for the tide to go out, and the path safe to cross, will be recorded and subtracted from your finish time.
In bad weather all runners may have to partner up at any stage at the discretion of the Race Directors.
You must carry ALL items marked as mandatory from the equipment list (below).

All items on the following list must be carried by the runner and where applicable the support team:.
Hat and Gloves.
Waterproof Jacket.
Minimum of 1 litre water/sports drink to be carried.
Spare Batteries.
Route Description or OS Maps (to be carried by support crew also).
Survival Bag. (not blanket)
Emergency food supply (chocolate/energy bar).



Hardmoors 200

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