Terms & Conditions for the Shop

General information

The content of the pages of this website is for general information and use only. It is subject to change without notice.

We’ve put a lot of effort into ensuring the accuracy of the site information, but cannot absolutely guarantee it.

We have included links to other websites on hardmoors110.org.uk, for interest and information only. We cannot endorse external sites and have no responsibility for their content.

Online products

We’ll try to keep reasonable stocks of all lines. However, the lines available will change from time to time because of changing product availability from suppliers, changing fashions, etc. If you’ve ordered something that’s no longer available, we’ll let you know and will refund for that item in full, including any postage charges.

All measurements, specifications and colours on the Hardmoors shop are as accurate as we can make them but will still be approximate. Colours will appear differently in different browsers. Please therefore regard them as being for guidance only.


You can order via the website hardmoors110.org.uk

We’ll send you a confirmation email with order and delivery details, and confirming the price of the products you are buying.

We’ll intend to keep the website information as up to date as possible but if an item you order is out of stock we’ll phone or email you to let you know. You can then decide to wait for further stock to arrive or to cancel and receive a refund.

We’ll take your order as an offer to buy for the prices stated and subject to our terms and conditions.


Prices quoted are in pounds sterling. Prices might change without warning (due, for example, to unexpected wholesale price rises) but we will always intend to charge you the price pertaining when you placed your order. If this doesn’t happen, please let us know.

If the pricing of any item online turns out to be incorrect, then we’ll either honour the price online (if it’s marginally under-priced) or offer you the chance to either re-order the item at the correct price or cancel the order. We’re expecting this to be a very rare occurrence and these decisions will be made at our discretion.

Terms of payment

Items ordered via our website shop can be paid for electronically via PayPal on the website. We’ll send your goods as soon as possible after we receive payment.

Packing and delivery

We will charge £3.99 for postage and packing or you can choose to collect at the next Hardmoors race and you will be given this option at checkout.

We’ll post your goods as soon as we can. Assuming the goods are in stock, this will usually mean the same day or within 24 hours. If we think there’s going to be a delay of more than 3 days for any reason, we’ll let you know, unless we’ve already put a message on the website warning of delays.

Parcels will be sent by Royal Mail.

We are only able to deliver to UK mainland addresses at the moment.


We will pack your goods carefully, but if any item arrives damaged, please let us know within 3 days of receipt. We’ll either replace it free of charge or offer a refund (plus a refund of return postage) on receipt of the damaged item within 30 days. When returning damaged items, please make sure you receive a proof of posting certificate and that you use a form of delivery which will require a signature.

The Consumer Contracts Regulations offer protection to mail order and internet purchasers. In accordance with these, if you change your mind about the goods you’ve ordered, please let us know in writing and return them within 14 working days. If this is the case, please repack them carefully and return them with the original paperwork and in the original condition. We recommend you request a proof of posting certificate and use a form of delivery which will require a signature. We will refund your payment in full within 30 days. Refunds will include any original, but not return, postage and packing costs.


We’re hoping to avoid many complaints by offering excellent customer service. However, if you should wish to complain, please email us at info@hardmoors110.org.uk and we’ll reply, in normal circumstances, within 48 hours.

Alternatively, you can write to us at:

Hardmoors Hardwear Ltd
14 Kelcbar Close
LS24 9NY

These terms and conditions

The hardmoors110.org.uk terms and conditions might change from time to time without notice, so please check back periodically.

When we say ‘we’ or ‘us’ or ‘the website’ or ‘Hardmoors’, we mean Hardmoors Hardwear Ltd.

When we say ‘you’ we mean anyone placing an order and/or taking delivery of products from Hardmoors Hardwear Ltd.

When we say ‘the products’ we mean the goods we sell through the Hardmoors.org.uk website.



We use your personal details for despatching your goods and in conjunction with your and our payment authorities during the payment process. We will never pass your details on to other parties outside of this process. We will also send you occasional newsletters with information about sales, events, information and general news from Hardmoors. We use email addresses given when you register with SI Entries and as part of using this service you agree to receiving emails from us and we cannot remove you from the mailing list.

See Data Protection Act 1998 for more details on privacy and data protection.

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